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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is my favorite game of all time, and this project Star Hill VR is my love letter to the game.

Star Hill is the place where wishes come to be born… and come true! Here you will find wishing star that reveal the wishes of residents from all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Their hopes and dreams are revealed to you as you explore the demo.

This demo will appeal most to fellow fans of the game. However, even if you have never played Super Mario RPG, you may still enjoy this! You won't understand some of the references, but the environment in the demo is very unique compared to other demos you may have tried, so I welcome you to give it a shot regardless!

Legal stuff: I created every 3D asset in this demo. Yoko Shimomura receives all credit for the background music. Nintendo and Square-Enix own the copyright of the original SNES game, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I claim zero ownership of the original game. I am merely a fan paying tribute to their work. I created this project for educational purposes to teach myself how to use Unreal Engine 4.

Technical stuff:

The demo was compiled to work with the latest VR headset solutions, including Oculus, HTC Vive, Steam VR, and OS VR. I do not actually own any of these, though, so I am unable to test this demo myself with those. I made this demo back when I had a Rift DK2, and I no longer have one. If you encounter problems with your headset and this demo, I am unable to provide support.

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Tested this out on a Windows Mixed Reality. The motion controls didn't work, but a regular controller did. (I assume it was controller only).

Seemed to work fine for me. ('-' b)

Dude, if you ever had an interest in making Super Mario RPG into a full vr game just for fun.. You need to lemme know i wanna do all that I can to help you out cause Super Mario RPG is  my all time favorite game as well, Please!!